Industry thermometers

We supply components for the reliable control and regulation of operational parameters for fault-free operation of your processes. We specialise in a high-quality construction system of valves and fittings with S-lok double ferrule compression system and measurement of pressure and temperature.

Order from us high-quality valves, fittings, manometers and thermometers. The components we supply can be used in your operation even if you operate in the field of pharmaceuticals, the food industry or an environment with explosion risk.

Why enquire about these components from us?

  • Perfect sealing of components and entire systems at high pressures and temperatures
  • Easy assembly
  • Great safety of hydraulic systems
  • Economic solution in production and operation

Industrial Thermometers

We supply supply high-quality, affordable dry thermometers or glycerine filled ones for use in hydraulic or pneumatic processes in all industrial branches. We prepare the thermometers thermometers according to your requirements for unit and range of measurement, means of connection to process or certification.

We hold in stock for you the most commonly used thermometers with bimetallic spring completely made of stainless steel AISI 316 or 304 for direct fitting in pipe or thermometer well and capillary thermometers for external fitting.

Properties of our thermometers:
  • Diameter of dial face from 40 mm to 150 mm
  • Elective units and ranges: °C, °F, °K
  • Elective versions: glycerine filled, with thermometer well or capillary tube
  • Elective connection to process: threads BSP, NPT and other
  • Certification of thermometers according to your requirements: ATEX, CE, MTR, accuracy, calibration etc.
  • Also suitable for pharmaceutical and food industry and environments with explosion risk.

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